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How do schools with little or no budget do it? Do they ever charge an Activity Fee?

The cost for one SNG class is nominal. Our Partnership Program averages out to around $2.25 per child! Most schools charge a small activity fee or include the cost in registration/supply fee or tuition increase. The cost is low... the benefits are tremendous. Click on "Get a Proposal" to see how affordable our program can be at your school!

Are Stretch-n-Grow workers qualified to work with our children?

YES! EVERY instructor is a certified Youth Fitness Specialist with specific training in physical and nutrition education for young children. Every coach has successfully completed a required FBI Fingerprint Screen, DSS Background Investigation, CPR & FIRST AID Certification and undergoes TB screening. Instructor documentation is always provided to the school.

We don’t have a lot of space or time. We know all kids need SNG, but how can we do it?

Regarding space…If you have classrooms, you have room for SNG! We can also use large corridors, schoolers’ room, lunch area or foyer. Regarding time…our schools work SNG right into the children’s daily activities. We can even match the theme of our classes to cross over into your teachers’ curriculum.

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